Friday, March 8, 2013


My name is Stacy. I love Art, specially card making.

I got into card making when my friend was getting married and we were pricing the cost of  wedding invitations. After finding out how expensive those are, my thought was: “We could probably make it ourselves”.

From that point forward, I was addicted to cardmaking. :)

I started my collection of stamps, dies and machines for cardmaking. I am now proud owner of Bosskut Gazelle ( Love it!!), Cricut Mini ( don’t love it as much), Cuttlebug ( my first purchase) and Fiskars Fuse ( love that baby).

I also studied visual arts in school ( it was some time ago) but I am finding that I always want to do bigger projects that take more time then I have and some ( ok who I am kidding -- most) of the projects get unfinished.

I found cardmaking provides me the outlet for creativity without feeling like I need to do a huge productions. Mind you, for some of the cards planning and designing sometimes take days.  

So here I am, starting a blog. Never in a million years did I think I will be writing a blog.

I want to share what creations I come up with.
The reason for the name on the blog is attibuted to my co worker. She asked me to do simple scrapbook desing for her and her words were: " SIMPLE, Not Stacy Style, with crazy flowers and layers."
Hence the name: Stacy Craft Style :)

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