Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flower Study - Links Only

Ok now that I have done the cards that were taking priority I can come back to my flower study.

I have bought Cherry Lynn die because I loved the way flowers look and versitility of it. I can trully build more then one type flower. BUT ... I still need instructions... I know I know... You would say just use your creavity...I probably would say the same thing to myself.

So I decided to browse YouTube. My trusted sourse of all of the techniques. There are not that many videos with  Cherry Lynn dies... at all....

I've decided to add all the "how to" links for all the that I think are pretty and want to do:


  1. Stacy, I got your comment/email but you are a "no-reply blogger" so I couldn't, well, reply! Can you email me at onecraftymama at hotmail dot com & I will get back to you ASAP :)

    1. Jessi thank you so much... i think i figured it out.... no wonder i wasn't getting any replies LOL


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